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About Tabletopia

Imagine a multi-platform digital environment with instant access to hundreds of licensed board games… Welcome to Tabletopia!

  • Online arena for playing board games just like in real life. Play directly in modern desktop web browsers on Mac and Windows platforms, or download on Steam, App Store and Google Play.
  • Unique editor for building new board games from scratch and bringing paper games to the digital. No programming skills required!
  • Specialized tools for playtesting, demonstrating, promoting, and monetizing your games.

Cutting-Edge Virtual Table

Tabletopia is a digital sandbox system for playing board games with no AI to enforce the rules. Just read the rulebook, choose a seat at the virtual table, and let the game begin!

Enjoy our awesome automated features:

  • ready game setups
  • custom camera controls
  • shuffling and dealing of cards
  • tracking player turns and game phases
  • interactive zones with predefined automatic actions, and much more!
"Tabletopia has been a great way to play games virtually with friends across the world that I couldn’t get together with due to the COVID pandemic. I love the awesome selection of games it has!"
Jason Levine, The Dice Tower
"Tabletopia is a great platform/service for getting people together remotely to play games, and their technical and ethical approach is exactly what the industry needs in these trying times of social distancing. There's always new games and features being added, and they really care about their partners and users."
Shut Up & Sit Down
"Tabletopia is looking very promising, shaping up as the smoothest-looking and smoothest-playing
digital board game platform available."
Game Salute
Board game publisher
"Tabletopia is helping backers decide where to spend their money cause there are so many game projects on the Kickstarter right now."
Jamey Stegmeier - Stonemaier Games
Board game publisher
"Tabletopia is amazing. I have seen Vassel engine, Octagon, Tabletop Simulator that’s on Steam, this by far has blown me away."
Scott Morris - Crits Happen - Arcane Wonders
Board game publisher and reviewer
"Obviously printing games is very expensive, but putting them on Tabletopia is not."
Ryan Laukat - Red Raven Games
Board game publisher
"Easy to setup and really intuitive to use by players. I believe that in a couple of years Tabletopia will be an indispensable tool for every boardgame designer."
Vital Lacerda
Board game designer
"Really impressive… a potential game-changer!"
Board game reviewer
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Tabletopia For Players

From day one you and your friends will have access to thousands of popular board games from many famous publishers.


Tabletopia for
Publishers and Authors

Tabletopia is an easy and intuitive solution for designing, implementing, and monetizing games for both existing publishers and aspiring

With our accessible editor and extensive library of objects and sounds, you can have a virtual copy of your game within a few hours. It is free for one game with two setups and no programming skills are required! And if you don't have enough time to import your game, Tabletopia team can help you with that (read more for details).

Then, you can start playtesting, demonstrating, and promoting your game to your audience or receiving revenue (see License agreement for details).


Tabletopia for Business and Education

As a business coach, agile facilitator or HR expert, you can create your training game on Tabletopia without any programming expertise and use it as a tool for your business growth. Tabletopia will provide you with a full branded account set up with your logo and key moderator accounts. If you need any assistance we can help, or can create your entire game for you.

Another sphere where gamification makes people engaged is education. With the help of Tabletopia educational games, your students will focus on the topic while exploring its rules, structures and logic. More than that, students can create games and fully explore the design and development process, understand gamification principles, and produce a game that others can play.

For business



Team Behind Tabletopia

Tabletopia was created in early 2014, by passionate boardgamers with extensive backgrounds in the digital industry.

Tabletopia is a multinational crew that includes professionals from USA, Ukraine, Australia, Ireland, and Germany.

Whether you’re a gamer, a game publisher, an online event coordinator, a teacher, or coach, we are here to help and develop Tabletopia to your needs. Feel free to send us your ideas or questions to info@tabletopia.com. And let’s change the world together!

P.S. As we keep growing, we are always in search of new people to join our team (community management, influencer marketing, video reviewers, and more). If you love board games and want to make it your job, send us your CV to info@tabletopia.com and tell us how you can help us grow our platform together.